Who am I?

Hello, my name is Masami.

I’ve been posting videos from my bicycle ride on YouTube channel; Masami on bicycle for over a year now.

And now I start this blog to share some bicycle tips and hacks.

Let me start with my self introduction.

Photo by @hiro_triathlon.
  • A business person who enjoy bicycle ride on weekends.
  • Absolutely no experience in any type of sports. Love to stay home.
  • More a bookish type and adore Sherlock Holmes.
  • Studied in the UK as exchange student at college and later also in Mexico.
  • Started road cycling to stay healthy and stay fit.
  • My road bikes: Bianchi Oltre XR 3 & Via Nirone 7.
  • Got interested in triathlon, after I spectated IRONMAN world championship in Kona.
  • Now practice swimming and running but with very slow progress…
  • Finisher Hanyu bike & run beginner class in 2020.
  • Finisher Chiba city triathlon beginner class in 2021.
  • Beer and travel lover.
  • Visited 15 countries and areas so far, still a lot more in the list.

Cycling is a sport anyone can enjoy, from children to elderly, no need of athletic strength or hard practice.

I would like to share how I enjoy cycling as an ordinary business person who have no experience in any other sport.

Hope that encourages people to start enjoying cycling as well!

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